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Associate Professor Anna Arnaoudova is Master of Sciences (M.Sc). Her basic specialty is pediatrician - allergologist. She has worked as a research associate in the Medical Academy and Transport Medical Institute in Sofia.
She has over 30 research publications. Her thesis for master's degree - " Medical Sciences Master", refers to the Application Field of Low Intensity Lasers for Diseases Treatment.

She has been awarded with author's certificates on the Developed Methodologies, concerning Complex Laser Therapy of Infantile Cerebral Palsy and Infantile Brachial Plexus Traumatic Birth Palsy.

Infantile Cerebral Palsy Methodology has been prized in 1987 with First Prize of the "Invented in Sofia" Exposition.
  In the same year, Ass. Prof. Dr. Arnaoudova is also bearer of Honorary Diploma of the World Soft Lasers Congress in Sablon d'Olon-France.

Associate Professor Dr. Arnaoudova has carried out manifold specializations in Moscow, Sanct Peterbourg and China. She has participated with original reports in the World Congresses in Bulgaria, Moscow, Suhumi, Prague, Athens, Strasbourg, Rome, Paris, Sable d'Olon.

Since 1993 she is at the head of a Private Laser-Therapy Laboratory in Sofia.