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definition new methologies
1. Formulation (Grounding) of a new research field
Elaboration of a principally new scheme on Low Intensity Lasers Therapy Organization and Implementation, by using specific criteria, norms, methodologies and organization approaches.
2. Elaboration of principally new formulations on the triggering reasons and factors of diseases
Chronic Headache- in case of central nervous system's real disease exclusion , a combination of gall-bladder's dyskinesia (with or without lithiasis) with chronic pyelitis (with or without lithiasis), sometimes attended by leversteatosis and/or hyperinsulinism, has been determined.
Allergic Diseases-Colitis, in combination with Chronic Pyelitis.
High Blood Pressure-available pyelitis and pyelonephritis (usually, no determined)
Hyperinsulinism-chronic gastroduodenitis, often attended by a gall-bladder's dyskinesia (with or without lithiasis evidence)
Digestive System Condition-mainly that of the small intestines as a factor for tachycardia evidence, without EKG pathological aberrations (resistant to the usual treatment)
Gall-bladder's Dyskinesia as a determining factor of the neurasthenia syndrome evidence
Digestive System Condition, mainly of the small intestines and gall-bladder's diseases as determining factors of the hyperholesterinemia and hyperlipedimia
Chronic pyelitis and pyelonephritis, attended mainly by hyperinsolinism, as basic factor of chronic adynamic syndrome evidence and persistence.